OH Senate Bill 166 – Horizontal wells-emergency response plans
Sponsor: Lou Gentile (Democrat – 30th Senate District)
Overview: Requires owners of horizontal wells to develop and implement emergency response plans in order to respond to emergencies at the surface location of their wells that threaten public health or safety.

The plan must establish response actions to be taken during the following: (i) construction of the well pad; (ii) drilling; (iii) well stimulation; (iv) production; (v) plugging; and (vi) restoration of the surface location.

The plan must describe the actions to be taken by the owner’s employees at the well to respond to the following events: (i) a fire; (ii) a medical emergency; (iii) an explosion or similar event; (iv) a spill; and (v) a security breach or other security event.

The plan must also describe the procedure to be used to provide specified information to emergency responders in the event of an emergency.

An owner of two or more horizontal wells may develop a base plan for use at the surface locations of all of the owner’s horizontal wells or a site-specific plan for each well location.

Current Status: Referred to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee on May 27, 2015.