In a proposal for decision issued September 10, the Texas Railroad Commission concluded that the Briar Lease Well No. 1 was constructed properly and that “the evidence on the record” did not support a finding that the well triggered earthquakes. The order comes nearly five months after the Texas Railroad Commission ordered the operator of the well to “show cause” for why the well permit should not be revoked. The June show cause hearing before Technical Examiner Paul Dubois and Administrative Law Judge Marshall Enquist resulted from speculation by scientists that two wells induced nearby seismic activity. In Thursday’s proposal for decision regarding Briar Lease Well No. 1, as in the proposal for decision issued August 31 for West Lake SWD Well No. 1, the Commission discounted a study published in April that discussed the possible role of wastewater injection in the swarm of seismic activity observed in the Azle and Reno area from November 2013 to January 2014.