Seismic activity last week near Dallas grabbed attention in the Twittersphere, despite its low magnitude, reflecting the increasing trend of earthquake monitoring through social media and new technologies.  The USGS, which tracks ground shaking through user-generated reports on its “Did You Feel It?” site, posted one of the seismic events last week within a mere ten minutes of its occurrence.  In some locations of interest, the USGS is aided by mobile arrays of in-ground seismometers the agency has deployed to directly record geophysical data.

Earthquake tracking is also occurring in the states.  This fall, a map that shows locations of wastewater disposal wells and recent seismic activity in Oklahoma was launched by the Oklahoma Office of the Secretary of Energy and Environment.  Increased monitoring of earthquakes and injection disposal activity is part of the trend among state and federal authorities addressing new regulatory requirements and issues confronting operators active in the hydraulic fracturing sector.