The TexNet Seismic Monitoring Program, under the auspices of the University of Texas, is getting going, fueled by $4.5 million allocated by the Texas Legislature, with two new hires and seismographic equipment soon to be deployed.  The new project manager for TexNet is Alex Savvaidis, who operated a similar program in Greece.  Peter Hennings, a former ConocoPhillips structural geologist, will also join the UT Bureau of Economic Geology.  He will manage research at the new Center for Integrated Seismicity Research to analyze the TexNet data, working with Professor Ellen Rathje, a UT civil engineering expert on the impact of quakes on infrastructure.  Funds will also be utilized to install 22 new, permanent seismograph stations, in addition to the 16 already in place, and pay for an array of 36 mobile seismographs.  An advisory committee, appointed by the governor, will include the Railroad Commission’s state seismologist, two industry representatives, two academics and others.  The committee will provide the governor and legislature with a report by December 1.