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Poland considers changes to its hydrocarbon licensing scheme (Part 2 of 2)

Under both the current law and the proposed Act, the Ministry of the Environment has authority to grant and limit licenses. Under the Act, however, the Minister of the Environment has a stronger and more authoritative regulatory role. For instance, the Minister is obliged to commence proceedings to withdraw licenses under certain conditions. Conditions include but are not limited to (1) failing to start conducting activities as provided for in the license, (2) permanent halting of license activities, (3) conducting activities outside of the licensed time schedule, and (4) failing to maintain adequate documentation.

The Hydrocarbon Act contains several inter-temporary … Continue Reading

Poland considers changes to its hydrocarbon licensing scheme (Part 1 of 2)

Poland’s parliament is considering amendments to its Geological and Mining Law that will change its hydrocarbon licensing regime. Submitted for consideration by the Polish Government in April 2014, the Hydrocarbons Act (the “Act”) and Hydrocarbons Tax Act will change the regulatory landscape governing both conventional and nonconventional hydrocarbon production.

The Act introduces changes in the licensing system for prospecting, exploration, and extraction. Under the current system, companies must acquire separate exploration and extraction licenses, each of which could be granted for a period of 3 to 50 years. Under the Act, however, there will be a unified licensing system. Single … Continue Reading